New Online Training Course: “I Will Not Fear”

Turn the tables on anxiety, stress and worry. Learn to overcome fear in practical, yet powerful ways! 

28 Day Online Video Training Course

I Will Not Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Fear

A growing mass of people are manifesting the effects of fear, from a loss of confidence and boldness, to chronic anxiety and panic attacks. The fear factor is keeping hearts and lives bound under a cloud of oppression.

It’s time that people become equipped with insights and strategies that produce freedom.

“I Will Not Fear” is a blueprint to expose fear’s tactics, while laying out a plan to take back your peace. Mark has personally overcome the bondage of anxiety and panic attacks, and is effectively helping many people break free of the own fear-based struggles.

Step by step, you can take the journey to break through the fear factor that seeks to steal your peace and confidence.


Through this course, you will join a 28 day process to:

  1. Gain step by step training on what fear does and how it infiltrates our lives, so you can expose its traps and overcome.
  2. Develop a more enhanced perspective on fear’s influence, so you are more victorious in your thoughts and actions.
  3. Gain a clear path and strategy for victory and overcoming.

Insights and practical tools will cover: 

  1. Anxiety (including 5 steps to overcome an anxiety attack)
  2. Worry
  3. Stress
  4. All fear based influences
  5. Practical “how to” applications are included.

I Will Not Fear online course is a “How To” training, designed to help the multitudes affected by fear:

  • from the one who simply struggles with stepping into fearful situations
  • to the person who is emotionally locked in and imprisoned by fears affects.

Take a journey towards freedom and join the masses who are declaring, “I Will Not Fear”!