Healing Your Father Wounds

Father Wound

Many struggle to receive the beauty of God’s love for them. The reality is, the father wounds they carry prevent them from connecting God as a Father. As you move yourself towards the root system of heart healing, there are some important questions you’ll need to address. They may be challenging to consider, yet they […]

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The Kind of Love that Casts Out Stress

Stress, Love, Father's Love

Everyone deals with various forms of stressors in their life. Underneath those areas we call stress, are often fear factors that need to be addressed. In fact, stress is simply a modern word used to describe a lot of the fears that drive our lifestyle, constant busyness and pressure-filled living. Remove the fear factor and […]

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7 Teachings of Jesus About the Father

Jesus Father

If you want to learn what intimacy with Father God can be like, observing the life and message of Jesus is the best place to start. His life demonstrates what a powerful connection with Father God can be. In fact, the work that Christ brought, paved the way for us to have a ongoing relationship […]

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