Freedom from Spiritual Slavery and into Sonship

Are you stuck in spiritual slavery? Many would say “no” to this question, but are not aware of how spiritual slavery has held them captive and bound.

All transformation flows out of identity and this manifests powerfully when we break free from spiritual slavery and move into sonship. When you experience the love of Father God, who you are as sons and daughters can shine through.

At the same time, many believers are still bound by the chains of spiritual slavery. The Apostle Paul found himself in a place where he spent the book of Galatians, pulling the body of Christ out of the chains of performance driven Christianity, law based living and spiritual slavery. His words ring true to us today: You are no longer slaves. You are sons.

And yet too many have not received sonship in their hearts. Content to live in the limitation and bondage of spiritual slavery, we will always feel disconnected from the love and empowerment of the Father.

In this video, I want to highlight the differences between a spiritual slave and a son, while exhorting you to break off the chains that seek to hold you back.

May you experience greater love, grace and truth.

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