Love Identity Validation and Mental Health

Identity is developed and strengthened under the love, influence and validation that comes from Father God. Our journey of healing and freedom involves learning to experience the love of the Father. In The OCD Healing Journey, I write and teach about the importance of life transitions, seasons in our life where we need nurture and emotional equipping to help launch us into the next phase of life.

But for many, they realize their seasons of transition were filled with neglect and even trauma. Today I want to bring out an important transition in the life of Jesus that we can learn so much from. When our Savior approached John the Baptist to be baptized, a critical transition was taking place.

This moment was not only going to usher in the beginning of His earthly ministry, it would also place a powerful stamp on the heart of our Savior that each of us need to experience in our hearts as well. Before He would become known to the world, an important identity experience needed to take place.

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