Identity Discovery: Letting Go of the False Self

When we learn to become stronger in who we are, we have to confront the false self, the many ways we relate to the world that is not the real us. To embrace who we are, we have to let go of who we are NOT.

The false self is a who we are NOT, but it’s what we use to feel safe when we have not been validated in our true identity. It’s how we gain attention, validation, acceptance, belonging and approval.

So many live with a false self for so long they do not know who the real person is.

We rely on these masks, but they train us to live as posers, disconnected to the beauty of who we really are.

The false self keeps us from authentically connecting with God. So even when we attempt to connect with God, we have certain false things we put on to try to make that connection happen.

In this video, I will share the types of false self we often carry, why we carry them and what we can do to embrace healing and discovering who we really are.

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