Overcoming Grandiosity from a Narcissist Relationship

The influence of narcissism partners with a mindset of grandiosity, an extreme pattern of a self-importance or “specialness” that often leads to exaggerated boasting about accomplishments, status and image. 

As we all learn to heal and grow, God will lead us to see His greatness at work within us. We have areas of low thinking that need for our healing journey involves learning to see ourselves through love and having a greater value for who we are in our identity. To see the greatness of God at work within us. But grandiosity is a distorted extreme, where it takes some of these concepts and drives them into unhealthy places. Grandiosity is not authentic or vulnerable, it’s a grossly exaggerated and projected image. 

Those with grandiosity can project they have a high view of themselves and have a lot of confidence. But it’s all an act to protect their deep emptiness and shame that never gets addressed or even admitted to. Grandiosity involves delusions of grandeur, where one develops an extreme sense of importance. 

I personally see many who need to heal from the influence of grandiosity, stemming out of a relationship with a narcissist that will take some time and processing to heal from. I also want to bring an exhortation to all of us to be aware of the influence of grandiosity in our families, businesses, communities and churches.

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