S07 Ep08: Facing the Fear of Man, Intimidation & the Fear of What People Think

Fear of Man, Intimidation

The fear of man will hinder our potential in so many ways, for it seeks to hold back your voice, your confidence and ability to experience great fruit in your relationships. In our discussion today, we want to talk about the dangers of being limited by the fear of man or intimidation in your life, […]

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How to Stop Obsessing on What People Think About You

what people think

When someone declares, “I Don’t Care What People Think,” they are often lying. Either they’re not being truthful with themselves or they are disconnected from their relational world. There is a lot of tough talk in the world, where people like to yell with a megaphone that they don’t care what people think. The louder […]

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Facing the Fear of What People Think

Fear of What People Think

When people loudly proclaim they don’t care what other people think, they are often lying. It takes some work to not allow the pulse of what certain people think to affect you. Hear a nasty comment or receive some rude feedback and most will mull about it for some time. Preachers can declare, “I don’t […]

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