S07 Ep08: Facing the Fear of Man, Intimidation & the Fear of What People Think

The fear of man will hinder our potential in so many ways, for it seeks to hold back your voice, your confidence and ability to experience great fruit in your relationships. In our discussion today, we want to talk about the dangers of being limited by the fear of man or intimidation in your life, while also talking about how to disarm the fear of what people think. 

Deposited with you are special gifts and callings that God has placed into your life. The fear of man seeks to keep those areas dormant and push you into a passive way of living. God does not put that fear on you. He is sending you power, love and a sound mind, but those areas of fear seeks to trap you like a snare, tripping you up and keeping you from the greater potential that is available. 

We pray that in our discussion on the fear of man, you will gain courage to take the steps you need to take to break through, knowing that God is with you all the way through.

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In this episode, we talk about: 

  • How the fear of man influences our lives.
  • The ways we can get trapped by fear’s intimidation in our relationships.
  • The need to experience freedom by facing this fear and overcoming.
  • Our own personal journey in facing the fear of man and growing.

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