The Power of Living as Father God’s Child

God is in the work of building and solidifying the identity of believers like never before. But are we truly hard-wired to the identity that the Father has given us? Or are we lost in connecting our identity to a role, an achievement or our performance?

Identity is a subject that so simple, yet if it is not cultivated and nurtured, thousands of battles and spider webs of issues can manifest.

The core identity of a believer is a child of God–sons and daughters, loved by your Father in heaven. Yet everything in life seeks to complicate that power. I find that many are in the process of restoring and learning¬†what it means to live powerfully as God’s child.

In this video, I will share about:

  • The biblical emphasis on living as God’s child.
  • How we can restore a child-like heart and live powerfully from it.
  • What are some things you can do today that help you live as God’s child.

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