New Book: “Experiencing God’s Love as Your Father”

Available in Hardcover and Audio Book Versions. Downloadable eBook Version is FREE!

God is a Loving Father, but have you experienced the Father’s love? 

If we want to experience God’s love in greater dimension, we will need to know who He is as a Father. But for most people, our father lens has been wounded, so we struggle to relate to God in all His love.

What does father mean to you? Does it stir up references of love, hope and empowerment?


Experience Father God’s Love

Masses of Christians are going to Jesus, yet avoiding the Father. Even though Jesus lived to show us what the Father is like. Yet to many, their earthly father references have left them wounded or empty. As a result, many believers feel like they are standing on the outside. They don’t feel close to God and struggle with receiving His love.

This all changes when we learn to experience God as our Father. This book will help heal your lens of what father means and usher you into a renewed and powerful relationship with Abba; your Dad.

In this book, you will be encouraged to discover:

  • The two greatest needs that you have in your heart.
  • What keeps us from knowing who God is as a Father?
  • How to overcome our flawed earthly father experiences.

Allow yourself to break through the hindrances that make you feel far from God and experience His love like never before!