S09 Ep09: Toxic Family Gatherings

Are your family gatherings wonderful and picture perfect? Well most people don’t relate to that, as many are deeply imprinted with the experience of toxic family gatherings that create obstacles and challenges to heart healing and wholeness.

When it comes to family, there are a lot of factors that can kick up the brokenness and pain of our hearts. At times it can keep us in cycles of bondage and prevent us from greater freedom. That is, unless we gain some insight and wisdom on how to navigate family dynamics in an empowered way.

This episode is targeted to those who are seeking to walk in greater healing and wholeness, but get tripped up when interacting with your family or your in law family members. You are not alone.

We pray in our conversation, you can find love, grace and insight for where you are the journey you are taking in the life of your heart.

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