The Gospel: Healing to Your Broken Heart

Heart Healing

When we think of the Gospel, most believers automatically go to thoughts of going to heaven and forgiveness of sins. While these are incredibly important and critical aspects of the Gospel, do you ever hear about the experience of healing your heart as a major expression of the Gospel’s power? Why isn’t healing of the […]

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6 Practical Tips for Healing Your Heart

Healing Your Heart

Although healing the heart can have complicated aspects to it, the process should lead us to simple and practical experiences that restore our hearts and strengthen who we are. In a nutshell, healing to the heart does not have to be high level science. It’s an engagement with God, where you experience His loving nature […]

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What is a Broken Heart?

What is a broken heart?

Too many don’t even realize or think they have a broken heart. People have been suppressing pain and emptiness for generations.  We revert to busy lives and focus on productivity, while we have no idea of how our hearts are doing. Meanwhile, billions of people are ignoring the fact that they have a broken heart. […]

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What Your Anger Says About You

Everyone faces the issue of anger in their life; whether its anger that lashes out at someone, anger that is pent up inside or anger you wear on your face. Unresolved anger can become a very deadly poison in a person’s life. It can rob them of peace, healthy relationships and can be a leading […]

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Practices that Heal the Heart

In a world that can often values surface image more than spiritual heart health, attention to matters of the heart must be something we daily pursue and steward. We must be intentional about this. Our hearts not only need healing, but regular nurturing and tending to. In doing so, here are some daily practices you can […]

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