Exposing the Rejection Mindset

Exposing the Rejection Mindset

Exposing the Rejection Mindset

Getting to the Root of Our Relationship and Identity Struggles

Take Back Who God Says You Are!

Your identity and relationships are everything when it comes to living a full life on this planet. But what happens when your lens in those areas becomes distorted or tainted? Discover in this book how the subtle mindset of rejection seeks to alter your thoughts and train you to carry a tainted lens on life. You will discover that rejection is not just something that happens to you, it is a toxic stronghold, set up to prevent you from walking in the love of God and knowing who you are.

What You Will Learn in this Book:

  • You will understand the deceptive web of a rejection mindset and how it negatively affects your life.
  • Once exposed, you will see how this root system of rejection seeks to get itself into every facet of relationships.

You will understand how to:

  • Confront unresolved brokenness and the masks that we wear in relationships.
  • End the slave life of performance, perfectionism and people pleasing.
  • End the slave life of performance, perfectionism and people pleasing.
  • Walk free from constant busyness and hyper-driven living.
  • Let go of relationship burdens you should not be carrying.
  • Address the toxic relationships around you.
  • Break addictive habits and addict living.
  • Love and accept yourself right where you are.
  • End the twisted communication that goes in in relationships.
  • Take the limits off where you are stuck in breaking free.
  • Practical steps on walking free from rejection.
  • Develop a healthy lens of God, yourself and your relationships.
  • Get out of isolation, get back out there and live an authentic life!

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What Others Are Saying:

Filet Mignon yet so easy to digest

This Book is AMAZING in that it shares some remarkably meaty truths that are so easy to digest. Kick back and enjoy the ride, it will hold your attention, and you will feel like you can keep reading all night. The teaching on rejection is not only profound, but healing in it’s application. Few books keep my attention, but everywhere that I opened this book, I was drawn in by the life and redemption contained within it’s pages. Thanks to the author for his commitment to helping the hurting. This book heals areas in the soul as it exposes them to our hearts. 

If you’re thinking of buying it, just do it!

This is an amazing book. I bought it on the recommendation of a friend, thinking that it didn’t really apply to me. It does! I think everyone who reads this book will get something positive and uplifting out of it .

Roll up your sleeves and dig in – For those that want more effective relationships and a more fruitful life.

This is a wonderful book that uncovers many hidden patterns that hinder our relationships and effectiveness in life. There are so many traps that we fall into that prevent us from living in security and rest. We can fall into patterns of seeking excessively for love, addictions, performing for others, perfectionism, and many more. These lifestyles are exhausting for us and for others. Pastor Mark’s book helps show the root of many hindering behavior patterns and guides the reader to being established in the love of God.

If taken to heart, the precepts in this book can help revolutionize families, churches and businesses for greater relational health. As we collectively shed the lies of rejection, we can build healthy and thriving communities fit to do the work God has for us. This book is for right now. God has a mission for us to do as a unified body, and often, our relational dysfunction prevents this work from going forward effectively.

This topic is key to address for those feeling stuck in destructive patterns that never seem to change. It is a deep root that every person to some degree must address as we all live in a world that loves imperfectly. I revisit this topic frequently in my own journey as many of the topics Pastor Mark discusses ring true for me. I constantly need to be on guard for this stronghold and am always seeking to be more firmly rooted in the security that comes from God.

This book is not for the faint of heart. It requires work and will surely be well-received by those truly seeking change. Lyn


Identify and remove what keeps you from healthy love.

Overcome identity struggles.

Change your relationship struggles for good!






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