The Father’s Love

One of the greatest healing experienes of my life has been the power of connecting to the love of Father God. For most of my life, I knew about the love of God in my head, but did not know how to experience it in my heart. I needed a revelation of the Father’s love for me. This propelled me into a whole new journey of what it means to be loved by my Father in heaven.

The love of the Father is one of the greatest needs in our life. It is also an area where people have experienced a lot of heartache, pain and emptiness. The war is heavy over the Father’s love being experienced, so it is important that we all become equipped on what it means to carry the connection of the Father’s love for us in our hearts.

This page is a resource page dedicated to equipping you in the Father’s love.


The Father’s Love (Message) 

The Father’s Love (Older Message – Audio Version)

Book and Course Recommendation #1:

Experiencing God’s Love as Your Father – Book

Experiencing God’s Love as Your Father – Online Training Course

Book and Course Recommendation #2:

Exposing the Rejection Mindset – Book

Exposing the Rejection Mindset – Online Training Course

Blessings of the Father’s Love

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Freedom from a Punishment Based Relationship with God

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Healing the Broken Heart

The Heart Healing Journey Book

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Experiencing the Father’s Love

Experiencing the Father’s Love

How to Receive Father God’s Love

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Receiving Father God’s Love and Approval

My Daily Rhythms to Remain Connected to the Father’s Love

7 Practices for Living in God’s Goodness

Other Father’s Love Resources:

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