God is Not Like Your Father

We must target a key wound that has to be addressed for healing. We all carry a love bucket that our fathers were meant to fill, yet so many have not received that important expression of love. Earthly fathers were designed to help us understand the love of our Heavenly Father.

Your relationship with your father was meant to show you what Father God is like.

For millions of people on the planet, we have not had the experience of knowing our earthly father’s love–especially in words and actions.

The earthly father’s role was meant to show Father God’s nature to his children. Fathers are to provide something to their children that no one else can offer. They are to lead the way in giving love, safety, covering, approval and protection to the home. This is done with words spoken, followed by his presence and action; it must be an active process and not a passive thing. A father’s presence cannot be substituted. He brings a protection to keep the enemy’s works out of the home while providing a safe place for the family to grow.

There are some key components we have missed from our earthly fathers that have kept us from knowing God’s love. Whether we recognize it or not, most people have either been deeply damaged by their fathers, or their dads were passive and did not represent active love to them. Some come from homes where a father was verbally, physically or sexually abusive-leaving deep scars that keep the enemy in and love out.

Relating to Father God’s love is extremely scary and seemingly impossible for those who have not received it from their earthly father. Indeed, our understanding of God comes through how we view our father on earth!

Others may not recognize their brokenness, because their father was not actively abusive, so they may carry scars they are not aware of. They do not see that their father’s passivity was passively abusive, meaning he did not do what he was supposed to, leaving an empty space for the enemy to speak his lies.

The majority of every group I speak to do not remember hearing their earthy father say the words, “I love you,” on a regular basis. They do not remember hearing, “You are dearly loved.” They lack the experience of hearing “I am pleased with you as my child.” Every child needs to regularly hear those words of love and approval. Jesus did.

This is the place of healing that our generation needs to bring to God for His healing touch.