Who’s Got Your Back?

Our leverage against fear many times comes down to a very simple question: Who’s got my back?

The answer to this question either sends people into despair and fear, or into a safe rest of confidence and peace. Many times you can tell just by looking into the faces of certain people—that someone, somewhere down the line in the past had their back on many occasions. Usually it is a loved one like a parent, brother or person who stepped into that kind of role. God’s intended design was for us to have relationships that would be a covering during periods of hardship and struggle. This was purposed to reflect the faithfulness and comfort that God brings.

Our parents were the ones intended to the first to have our back. They were intended to be available to help us navigate through our tests and trials, while eventually releasing us off our training wheels so we can independently maneuver through life with confidence. Those training times placed in us a compass of assurance, knowing that if things do not work out, somebody will surely come and bring aid in that time of need.

Yet this does not end after teen years. There are seasons we all enter that are extremely unfamiliar, where godly mentoring and wise advice breathe life into us. In addition, this support is equipping us to go out and take on the world with our dreams. In the end, we know that someone will be there for us if certain decisions do not work out.

Although our hope is truly in the Lord alone, He uses these earthly relationships to help us understand how faithful He is. It helps the lenses of our development focus on the love and security we have in God, with the expectation of leading us into personal intimacy with Him. His love and faithfulness are strewn all throughout Scripture.

“As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him.” Psalms 103:13 (NIV)

“. . . for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.
So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.”
Hebrews 13:5b-6

Knowing that God has our back is learned many times through those who represent His love and faithfulness to us. Yet when that is not properly demonstrated, our view of God becomes distorted and the enemy can take advantage by tormenting us. This is why we must recognize that in the area that we are vulnerable to fear, we have not yet been perfected in love. Truly knowing that God loves you sends clear signals to your inner man that there is nothing to fear. The awesome fact is that God can turn around those areas and even use you to help others receive God’s love and extend it to others. If God loves us and He is our helper, what can anyone do to us?

How well do you know someone has your back? Do you know that God has your back?