Do You Know You Are Loved?

Of all the things to be aware of, there is nothing more important than knowing that you are loved and knowing who you are in that love. Christianity can often get lost in all the myriad of subjects and theological conquests, while losing the importance of realizing how much you are loved by God.

The majority of people I work with feel distant from love in their life. They can explain the love of God to someone and can give some Scriptures to back it up, but deep down, they feel distant from His love. As the years pass, more and more people bring up the sense of loneliness, hurt and isolation that further keeps them from living in the power of love.  

Meanwhile, the greatest experience a human being can have is to engage the delight of God’s love, which invites us into a life-changing relationship with Him. In connecting to God, we find out who we are as His children.

A Loved Child of God

In 1 John 3, we see an amazing act that Father God has bestowed on those who believe in Jesus Christ. We are given the identity of sons and daughters–we become children of God.

The sad thing is that so often we live as slaves, rather than sons and daughters. Even though God’s invitation is for us to enter into the sonship available to us as His children.

The pull every day is to keep us from seeing how much love the Father has for us. The enemy would want nothing more than to make you feel separated from His love and to forget the power of who you really are.

[shareable]The two most important things you need in life are to know the love of Father God and know who you are as His child. [/shareable]

The love of the Father is so amazing that when you experience it, you actually get a better idea of who you are. It’s one thing to say, “yeah I know, God loves me.” But do you know that you are His child?

Are you connected to that reality?

Do you live in the simplicity that you are the Father’s loved child?

The Pull Away from Love

For most people, we live in the tension and stress of pressures that seek to pull us from the basic love and trust that is found in a love relationship with the Father. Life gets way too complicated when you’re disconnected from love.

The work of Christ is so powerful, it’s meant to eliminate any sense of separation from the Father’s love. Yet the enemy works night and day to make you feel separated.

He Is Love

When you experience the Father, you experience love. God is love. He doesn’t just have love, He is love.

The question is, “do you have awareness that you are loved by Him today? That He truly loves you? Do you actually experience it from day to day?”

Honest Assessment

If we get vulnerable and honest, most of us are stressed out, angry, frustrated and weary. We have pain that’s pushed down deep in our thoughts. We keep going, leaping into our constant busyness and for the most part, too many are just surviving.

That’s because we feel separated from His love.

We’re grieving something that we don’t know how to grieve…

going through a trial that we don’t know how to face…

looking for strength while feeling constantly exhausted…

limping from massive disappointment…

losing a sense of hope.

A lack of love will do that to you.

The War Over Love

The most intense battle waging is not terrorism, but a spiritual war seeking to separate you from love. If the enemy can convince you with lies and create any sense of distance in your relationship with the Father, you’ll lose the confidence, clarity and power that love brings.

Satan is separated from intimacy with the Father, so he works night and day to place that sense of separation on you.

The Apostle Paul said , I AM CONVINCED . . . nothing shall separate us from the love of God.” (Romans 8:38)

He was convinced. You need to be convinced.

That’s what the war is over–keeping you from being convinced and firmly The thing is that you need to be convinced.

It is easier said than done for most people. The brokenness and calamity that people have experienced have stripped them of what love even means. On top of it all, modern humanity is good at trying avoid dealing with our brokenness. We do all we can to avoid pain.

The Father Lens

God is love, but He is also a Father. So if you want to learn what it means to connect to God’s love, you will also need to learn how to relate to Him as a Father.

But here is where it gets tricky. If you want to know the love of Father God, you have to deal with your lens of what father means. You’ll need to address your father wounds that get in the way of relating to Father God.

A lot of believers are avoiding the Father. It’s just too uncomfortable, because of their references. All our fathers are flawed to some degree. But, in the end, Jesus came to lead to the Father, the perfect Father; a very good Father; who loves you massively and accepts you.

The Common Problem

I would approximately 85% of all the problems that people face today have to with love being compromised or lacking in their life. Relationships are broken. People don’t know how to be loved, love themselves and love others. Insecurities are manifesting in larger numbers because we lack a grid of love. Our pain is revealing where love needs to have a healing work in our lives.

The majority of all our problems come down to “Do we know that we are loved?”

Do you know how to receive love from God, love Him back, love yourself and love others?

In all my writings and materials, I want to challenge you to face what loves means in your life and allow God to be the love that you need. I want to encourage you to address where you have not been able to process love in an effective way.

You may need to address brokenness in your heart that you’ve been ignoring for a long time. But be encouraged, people around you have brokenness of their own too. The only difference between anyone is those who face their pain and those who don’t.

You have a chance to stop hiding and face the greatest need you to have: to know that you are loved and adored by God.

Nothing else is more important.