Having a Hunger for Personal Transformation


A little bit of my story: one thing I had to connect to in experiencing transformation and overcoming chronic anxiety, panic attacks and deep fear is HUNGER. It’s the one thing I cannot teach you—absolute hunger. No one can give that to you. It must be stirred up by your decision. Two reasons we lack […]

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God is Not Like Your Father

We must target a key wound that has to be addressed for healing. We all carry a love bucket that our fathers were meant to fill, yet so many have not received that important expression of love. Earthly fathers were designed to help us understand the love of our Heavenly Father. Your relationship with your […]

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Making the Heart Connection

The heart is vitally important when it comes to transformation. Its importance is seen throughout the Scriptures, because the ways of God are not truly received until our heart experiences them. The heart is the treasured seat of all that we hold dear; it is the core of what takes place within our spirit and […]

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