What Love is NOT

In my journey of experiencing the love of God, I had to open my heart to learning what love actually is. I also found in the process that I had to also learn what love is NOT. In your own healing and freedom journey, you may find it helpful to learn what love is NOT […]

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Why is Love the Greatest?

Whatever you are facing in life, I want to bring a call to get us back to what is really important–living in the life-changing love of God. As a part of this exhortation, I want to ask, “why is love the greatest?” using Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 13. The precious nature of love can […]

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What is Love? (Part 6)

What is Love

Love calls for us to grow in wisdom and maturity, where we realize that we all need to grow in what love calls for in a given situation. In this broadcast, I want to extend the invitation to grow in knowledge and discernment of love by increasing in wisdom. Video Broadcast: Previous Episodes: What is […]

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What is Love? (Part 3)

What is Love Part 3

In part 3 on a series addressing “What is Love?” I want to dive into a fourth key component of love. And that is the power of commitment. In the context of relationship committment, we enter into the greatest environment where we can experience and learn to give and recieve love powerfully. In committed relationship, […]

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