What is Conviction?

The Holy Spirit convicted me. I feel conviction on this issue.

What is conviction and are we really listening to it? Or are we listening to condemnation?

It has become clear to me that a large percentage of believers confuse condemning promptings as God’s correction or conviction. Some have even been trained to believe that the worse you feel, the more God is working on you. A large mass of Christians are actually obsessing over areas that are fueled by condemnation.

This stems from an unhealthy “God lens.”

You are not listening to God, but the voice of the condemning Inner Pharisee.

During a personal heart renovation season of my life, I knew I needed to mature in how I perceived God’s voice. In allowing God to work on my foundation, I realized the majority of what I thought God was saying to me was really guilt, accusation and shame. I needed a whole makeover in my listening. As I expressed this problem with others, one after another, believers nodded their heads, sharing that they battled with the very same thing. Where many believers get trapped, is they want to listen to God’s voice and be aware if the Holy Spirit is bringing correction or conviction.

There is a lot of confusion over what conviction actually is, so I want to help bring some clarity and insight. What started off as a simple video turned into a Scriptural deep dive into the subject of conviction.

I pray it adds life, peace and clarity to your journey.

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