Spiritual Blocks to the Life of Your Heart – #07 Condemnation

If you struggle to walk in great freedom, you may be under the voice of condemnation in your life.

It has been such a freeing experience to learn that many of my thoughts were based on condemnation. There are certain thoughts that come against us that are clearly lies, but many of them are facts used against us or specs of truth that become distorted and taken out of context to accuse your heart with guilt, shame and criticism. This is how condemnation works. It seeks to gain enough information to get your attention, you can lose your confidence and be locked down in fear and confusion.

God does not use condemnation to speak to His children, but it took some time for me to realize that and apply that filter.

But identifying the voice of condemnation has helped me gain a tremendous amount of freedom. In fact, I find that overall mental health will drastically improve when we learn to kick out the accusing inner critic that seeks to condemn us in our thoughts.

Your heart was not meant to live in condemnation. It will steal your confidence and rob you of the freedom you were meant to experience in Christ Jesus.

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