21 Signs You Struggle with Self-Rejection

We can only love our neighbor as well as we have processed love in ourselves. Jesus told us that we are to love our neighbor “as ourselves,” which for many, can be a daunting task.

Here are some common signs you may struggle with a work of self-rejection in your life.

21 Common Signs of Self-Rejection:

  1. Excessive shyness, passivity and non-initiation in relationship.
  2. Self-image issues, where you cannot accept how you look physically.
  3. Excessive attention to clothes and appearance.
  4. Difficult time receiving love from others.
  5. Difficulty taking in the kindness of others.
  6. Difficulty loving others.
  7. Deep critical spirit of self AND others.
  8. Constant feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.
  9. Regular comparison to others.
  10. Constant patterns of unworthiness.
  11. Angry; either pent up where they shut down or become irritable, or outward, where they become pushy and overbearing.
  12. Perfectionistic tendencies to cover up lack of self-love and to feel any sense of worth.
  13. Self-isolation.
  14. Depression and heaviness.
  15. Addictions, often hidden ones.
  16. Sexual fantasies.
  17. Outward fabrications to hide defects or weaknesses.
  18. Giving off a sense of superiority, even though they actually feel inferior.
  19. Extravagance in spending, in an attempt to gain admiration and acceptance.
  20. Struggles with self-hate and self-accusation (self vs. self).
  21. Neglecting priorities and key responsibilities.

Any of these seem like a pattern in your life? Want to go deeper?