#163: Can You Be a Pastor’s Wife and Not Go Crazy? Part 2

Being Intentional About a Healthy Journey

Pastor's Wife

Pastor’s wives can be the most overlooked group of people in the body of Christ. It’s often assumed that she will just take care of herself. Meanwhile, unhealthy demands and expectations are added on that do not cultivate a healthy environment. As we continue the discussion about the life of a pastor’s wife, we want […]

10 Ways a Church Operates Like a Cult More than a Healthy Family

Cults form when Culture Gets Dysfunctional

Words are really tricky, so addressing the term “cult” can get very complicated, especially because it’s not always used in the right context. This may come as a surprise to you, but the real meaning of the word cult is not 100% negative. Cult is derived from the word culture and can describe the unity […]

14 Signs of Spiritual Abuse

Be Aware of the Warning Signs

spiritual abuse

I’ve spent years helping people recover from abusive situations. They range from abusive marriages, homes and even abusive church environments. Over the years, there has become an aware of how church and ministry environments can misuse their influence and authority in a way that damages the spiritual and emotional life of people. This has become […]

#158: Healing from Spiritual Abuse: Part 2

What are the Signs and What Contributes to the Problem

Healing from Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse is a term that involves misusing someone for our own benefit or protection OR we do nothing to protect someone when we have the ability to do so. It often involves the misuser of  our influence, our words and our relational capacity in a way that damages others.  We have found that spiritual abuse […]

#157: Healing from Spiritual Abuse: Part 1

What It Is and How Deeply it Infects People

Healing from Spiritual Abuse

One of the biggest issues that comes our way has to with the subject of spiritual abuse. Masses of people are coming for help because of abuse they have experienced from someone in church or a ministry, be it a spiritual leader, pastor or someone of influence in their life. The repercussions are intense. For […]

#133: Questions on Relating to Our Fathers, Finding a Church and Pursuing Healing

In today’s episode, we want to get right into some fantastic questions that address issues of relationships, healing and health. We’re gonna talk today about: How to relate to your earthly father? How do I find a good church? Is checking out other churches ok? How do I find healing with others? Facebook Live Video: […]

#101: Am I Empowering My Problems by Talking About Them? [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we want to tackle the subject of sharing our problems with others. This can be an incredibly powerful experience but it can also be a miserable one, depending on the mindsets of those involved. In many families and communities, they don’t want to talk about any problems or struggles at all. […]