The Church and Mental Health

The discussion of mental health in the church has been a needed subject to address for quite some time. Headlines are arising where pastors and church leaders are sharing their own struggle with battles of the mind and mental health struggles. Reports of pastors committing suicide should be awakening us to the realization that we need to face the issues of our hearts and minds in a deeper way.

It is my firm conviction that the body of Christ should be the most powerful place for us to experience the wholeness and wellness that God intended for us to live in. Mental health is something the Bible addresses and it is available to us as believers. But it takes work, process and a willingness to face the issues of our life, to move towards greater wholeness. We need to move past some of our Christian cliches and allow God to do a deeper work in our lives and relationships.

In this video broadcast, I spend some time pouring out my heart and share about what we will need to understand to move forward in greater mental health.

Video Broadcast:

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