Mark & Melissa Special Announcement for 2018

New Changes Ahead

Please take a moment to watch or listen to this week’s brief podcast, where we share with you some exciting news and important updates for 2018. We talk about the following subjects: An update on our recent 3 book launch. Reminders for end of year giving. Our new online partnership program. What is happening to […]

When loving yourself is not presence, self-hatred takes residence to keep us from engaging love. Breaking free from self-hate has been such a liberating experience, but it takes some honest discernment to understand how it prevents you from experiencing love. One of the best ways you can break through into loving yourself the way that God loves you is to break any agreements with self-hatred’s deception.

For so long, I would respond to discouragement with emotional spirals, where they became unproductive times of victim thinking and pity. Meanwhile, I would just remain stuck. Yet in learning to love myself, I discovered the power of loving myself through the pain and into what is possible.

For more help, get your copy of “God Loves Me and I Love Myself!

“Cultivating an Atmosphere of Love”
by Mark DeJesus

Cultivating an Atmosphere of Love

– Do you know how to cultivate an atmosphere of love?
– Do you flow in love when you around people?
– What do people receive from being around you?

Do we know how to walk in authority, so that our relationship atmosphere shifts?

One of the biggest enemies to the atmosphere of love permeating our lives is fear. Yet do we know how to engage and fight fear spiritually?

Part of setting an atmosphere of love involves establishing our agreements. What are we agreeing with our thoughts that is manifesting?

What is the flow of love and how can we begin living in it?

In this teaching, you will see how important patience and kindness are in the process of cultivating love in your life.

#170: The Christian and Mental Health

What is it and Are We Manifesting Mental Health?

Christian and Mental Health

One of the greatest marks of the Christian life should be the manifestation of mental health and stability. Yet it seems that in these days, the struggle to maintain mental health is getting more and more difficult. If we are all honest, everyone to some degree has challenges in thinking and emotions that are difficult […]

“Becoming More Aware of Your Thought Life”
by Mark DeJesus

Becoming More Aware of Your Thought Life

Are you aware of the spiritual battle that goes on regarding your thoughts? Is there a personal awareness over how important your thinking is?

Most people are not aware of the spiritual resistance that comes against them, to prevent them from listening and engaging how God thinks.

The thoughts we listen to form who we are, even down to our personality quirks. God is calling us to tear down the hinderances and that attempt to block us from His love and truth, so that we can be set free.

Is your marriage struggling to be what it can be? Many times our ability to communicate powerfully can hold us back form the intimacy that is possible.

If a married couple doesn’t know how to communicate effectively, then overtime, the relationship becomes more like roommates. True, honest and vulnerable communication can lead to amazing intimacy in the marriage. Here are a number of things we have learned in our marriage and the marriages we have helped over the years.

#169: Ministering to ADHD

Healing Our Attention and Focus

Ministering to ADHD

The attention span of our generations is getting shorter and weaker, to the point that Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are constantly on the rise. What do we need to do to effectively minister to someone who has this struggle? Do we need to confront how culture is forming our attention span […]