Common Pitfalls of Relationship OCD

If you’re constantly questioning your love for your boyfriend or girlfriend, wondering if they’re the right person for you, or feeling the urge to break up even though you don’t want to, you may be struggling with relationship OCD (ROCD). ROCD can cause significant distress and disruption in romantic relationships. I’ve seen it in dating […]

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I Address Your OCD Questions Live! #05

Today I address your questions that have been sent in regarding obsessive compulsive struggles. Video Broadcast: OCD Help Page Mental Health Resource Page Recommended Resources:  The Heart Healing Journey God Loves Me and I Love Myself! Restoring the Power of Nurture To support future videos:  Consider a one-time donation. Become a monthly supporter. Join a free month of […]

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I Address Your OCD Questions Live! #04

OCD Help

Today I addressed a number of questions sent in that are related to the battle of OCD. I especially addressed the role of parenting. How do you effectively parent a child that is exhibiting OCD patterns? I also talk about working through legalism that inflames religious OCD. I address the difference between conviction and the […]

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I Address Your OCD Questions Live!

OCD Help and Questions

Today I address a number of questions that relate to struggles with OCD in various forms. I pray that my heart felt exhortations will encourage you to be empowered in your healing and freedom journey. I covered the following subjects: OCD & Being Judgmental OCD & Experiencing The Joy of Salvation OCD & Religious Scrupulosity […]

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