Relationship OCD (Relationship Substantiation) and The Healing Journey

Many Christians have a deep desire to be married, but for some the battleground of relationship OCD is hindering their ability to pursue healthy dating relationship patterns. In today’s broadcast, I want to address the subject of relationship OCD, a battleground of obsessive compulsive struggles that worked heavily in own heart and life.

Relationship OCD can also be called “relationship substantiation.” It is considered a subset of OCD, where the obsessions and compulsions focus around doubts regarding a romantic relationship.

When relationship OCD is at work, one develops intense thoughts of concern, where they become preoccupied with the doubt and uncertainty of a relationship. I’ve seen this struggle in people who are dating, but I have witnessed it a number of times in people who have been married for some time.

With this form of OCD, one can become consumed with intensely analysing their doubts and uncertainty regarding:

  • Your love for the person. 
  • Your attraction to the person. 
  • Your possible attraction to someone else.

You can become consumed with doubts around this person:

  • Being “the right one.”
  • Being “the perfect one for you.”
  • Being “the one person in the whole world that God has for you.”

You can compulsively examine the relationship with internal tests that you run off or even spin internally about that person’s love for you.

In this broadcast, I want to bring this battle to the forefront and reveal what relationship OCD does, how I experienced healing and some insight you can apply to your own journey.

I pray that what God and is continuing to do in my life will be a blessing to your journey.

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