I Address Your OCD Questions Live!

Today I address a number of questions that relate to struggles with OCD in various forms. I pray that my heart felt exhortations will encourage you to be empowered in your healing and freedom journey.

I covered the following subjects:

  • OCD & Being Judgmental
  • OCD & Experiencing The Joy of Salvation
  • OCD & Religious Scrupulosity
  • OCD & Bible Reading
  • OCD & The Love of God
  • Marriage, Engagement & Relationship OCD
  • Religious OCD / I “Really Sinned”
  • OCD / I Am The Worst Christian
  • OCD / God’s Will In Relationships
  • OCD / Struggle With The Existence of God
  • OCD / Firing The Interpreter!
  • My Spouse Has OCD
  • OCD / Being A Highly Sensitive Person
  • OCD / New Employment​

Video Broadcast:

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