Common Pitfalls of Relationship OCD

If you’re constantly questioning your love for your boyfriend or girlfriend, wondering if they’re the right person for you, or feeling the urge to break up even though you don’t want to, you may be struggling with relationship OCD (ROCD). ROCD can cause significant distress and disruption in romantic relationships. I’ve seen it in dating couples and married couples.

People with ROCD experience intrusive thoughts and obsessions about their relationship, even though they know they’re irrational.

  • Common ROCD obsessions include:
  • Doubting your love
  • Doubting the other person’s love for you
  • Comparing your partner to others
  • Nitpicking the person’s traits or appearance
  • Fearing that you’re not compatible
  • Worrying that you’re not attracted
  • Having intrusive thoughts about breaking up

ROCD can also lead to compulsive behaviors, such as: In this broadcast, I want to address some very common pitfalls that will hinder a person from working through relationship ocd with greater effectiveness.

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