Healing Christian Compulsions

Christian Compulsion

You can often begin to see where OCD has an influence in your faith journey in where you become compulsive. Compulsions in OCD involve following a forceful urge with the goal of alleviating inner conflict, guilt or anxiety. They can are often actions we take, but they can also me mental hoops we jump through […]

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What Love is NOT

In my journey of experiencing the love of God, I had to open my heart to learning what love actually is. I also found in the process that I had to also learn what love is NOT. In your own healing and freedom journey, you may find it helpful to learn what love is NOT […]

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Healing Our Obsessions and Compulsions (Help for OCD, Unwanted and Unrelenting Thoughts) [Video]

OCD, Obsessions, Compulsions

What do we do about our obsessions and compulsions? Many people write to me, asking for help with their troubling thoughts and struggles in the mind. Whether they have been diagnosed, or they simply struggle to keep unwanted thoughts at bay, there is hope and healing available. Recommended Resource: God Loves Me and I Love […]

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