I Will Not Fear

Fear, Anxiety, Stress, WorryI Will Not Fear

Walking in Greater Wholeness and Victory by Defeating Anxiety, Stress and Worry

Mark DeJesus

Break free from fear and walk into your destiny!

This book will equip you with precise insights for you to overcome the work of anxiety, worry, panic and all the tools that fear brings against us.

In this book, you will be able to understand how fear affects us in both spirit, soul and body. But you will also get clear instruction on how to walk free! From Mark’s own personal journey of freedom, biblical insights and physiological understandings, you will be able to break through the limitations that fear brings against you.

Don’t be stuck because of fear any longer!

What you will learn in this book:

  • Identify and address the multiple facets of fear that affect your life and relationships, including: anxiety, stress, worry, panic, depression and other mental illnesses.
  • Discover how fear related issues can greatly affect your health as well as our peace.
  • Break areas of fear that are holding you back from fulfilling a destiny of greatness and victory.
  • Step into a life of love, peace and joy that God designed for you to have by developing a lifestyle that victoriously conquers fear.

Through practical teaching based on the Scriptures, I Will Not Fear is a “How To” manual, designed to help the multitudes affected by fear.

This book is a tool to help so many!

  1. The one who simply struggles with stepping into fearful situation.
  2. The person who is emotionally locked in and imprisoned by fears affects.
  3. The one who has been diagnose with anxiety, panic attacks or phobic struggles.
  4. Every person who has struggled with or is facing fear . . . which is EVERYONE!

Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Panic Attacks, Phobias

Take a journey towards freedom and join the masses who are declaring, “I Will Not Fear”!

In this relevant and timely book, I Will Not Fear presents an invitation for us to break through fear and walk into a life filled with wholeness, strength, and confidence. Through testimony and Scriptural teaching, Mark DeJesus presents passionate insight on how to remove the roadblocks of fear that keep us from walking in our divine destiny.

What Others Are Saying:

Will Calm Any Worry!

This book will change the way you view stress, anxiety, and worry. This is a practical yet spiritual approach to breaking the spirit of fear and anxiety from your life. You will view situations in a totally different light. This book can be applied to everyday life, your job, your family etc. I recommend this book to anyone who worries and stresses about everything. Mark’s approach to freeing anxiety, has helped me walk in a peace that I never thought possible.


This book is phenomenal. Im 28 years old, have grown up in the church and never heard anything taught like this. Mark is the real deal and any person can identify with his writing. Thankfully someone in the church is talking about this and showing us how to walk it out through the Word of God.

My Fears Don’t Control My Life Anymore!

This book shows the spirit realm of where thoughts come from, how to identify their roots, and how to make a conscious decision whether to accept or reject these thoughts. It shows how to place our trust in a loving heavenly Father who is alive and helps us walk through the every day battles of life. I am no longer a spineless, stressed out, ineffectual & compromised shadow of the woman God intended me to be. I am a stronger more effective Christian as I surrender my life to a Father who has given me the tools from out of His Living Word to deal with the fears in my life. I’m now learning how to set healthy boundaries in my thought life and with people who in the past have intimidated & abused me. This book helped me to overcome so many of my battles that I’m not stagnant any longer but actively growing. It’s about a healthy way of living & it’s powerful! Thank you Mark DeJesus.

A Necessity for the Warrior’s Arsenal

“I Will Not Fear,” by Mark DeJesus, delivers a frontal attack against this most formidable opponent and enemy to the human race. Christians and people everywhere have been plagued by fear’s hindering and paralyzing effects on our personal liberties, which include a pure witness of the person of Jesus Christ. This book moves us towards a human experience and expression of total victory and freedom in this world, and not just the world to come.

DeJesus does a masterful job at tearing down and “dethroning” fear’s systems of delivery –and those deadly cohorts that have kept peoples, cultures, and nations bound since the beginning of time. This book exposes the roots of this “illegal kingpin” in our lives, and thereby forces us to take a closer look and examination of those forces seeking to dominate our very existence. Through his keen insight and forensic lens into the psychology of the believer we can be empowered and equipped to drive this enemy out of our lives for good.

Believable Because It’s Been Walked Out

For those who say, “I know I shouldn’t give in to fear, but how?” this provides exceptionally practical, systematic help. For those Christians (most of us) who are conditioned to tolerate fear as acceptable, it exposes the extent to which fear is a vicious enemy of God’s truth, attacking the very foundation of our growth in Christ. As the title indicates, much of the book is about making tough choices, day-in and day-out, to overcome fear. But the author shows that such choices must be grounded in acceptance of our heavenly Father’s love for us, in our identity as His sons and daughters, and in the boldness that comes from letting Him nourish us in that reality. Mark communicates this compellingly from the hard-won victory of his own battles against fear. A big plus: the way he helps the reader defeat the nitty-gritty of fear by addressing bedrock issues is invaluable for virtually every other dimension of our walk with Christ.

DeJesus Rocks

Please Read this. Better yet. Check out the Podcasts Transformed You. Mark and his wife are FOR REAL. For the modern believer, or anyone who wants TRUE CHANGE.

Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Worry

Take back your sanity and break free into your destiny!

Overcome anxiety. 

Take your peace. 

Break free from fear’s clutches. 

Join the army of overcomers!



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