OCD Distortions #7: Difficulty with Emotions

For the OCD mind, it can be hard to make sense of the thoughts that come your way, especially because there are corresponding emotions connected to those thoughts. These emotions become incredibly hard to interpret and process. You are left with a great deal of conflict on what you should do. 

The emotions can lead you to narrowly focus in on the symptoms, while neglecting what you really need. 

Many times, OCD sufferers can go into swings when it comes to their emotions. They can either suppress their emotions, which creates an avoidance pattern.  Or, they can saturate themselves in unnurtured emotions, leading them to patterns like victim thinking, self-pity and hopelessness. 

As a result, they lack true joy and a sense of peace at all. They are lost in the thoughts they are trying to fix. They get so lost in their head, they cannot connect to their hearts.

In today’s broadcast, I will talk honestly about the emotional battles of OCD as well as recognizing some important insights to the healing journey.

Video Broadcast:

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