OCD Distortion #5: Hyper-Inflated Responsibility

“I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!” is often the cry of those who struggle with OCD. Not only do OCD sufferers struggle with overestimating the threats their thoughts bring, they often have a massive internal sense of responsibility to do something about these thoughts. They feel deeply responsible for these troubling thoughts and emotions that come their way. Not only do they attach a heavy meaning, they feel deeply responsible to do something about them. 

A distorted interpretation of your thoughts arise. 

You feel intense consequences will take place if something is not done. 

You feel personally responsible to do something in order to “fix” or alleviate the guilt, conflict or anxiety you feel. The responsibility falls heavily back on YOU. 

Personal Responsibility Gone Overboard with OCD

Personal responsibility practiced in a healthy way is a very powerful trait to live by. But for OCD sufferers, they take responsibility for thoughts they don’t even need to address. 

Your sense of duty is turned against you. You feel a heavy moral responsibility and this becomes a heavy burden on your shoulders. 

Your heavy moral responsibility becomes a burden on you. Responsibility becomes false responsibility.

In this broadcast I want to address this subject and encourage your heart to experience healing in how you process responsibility.

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