New Book: “Exposing the Rejection Mindset [2nd Edition]”

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Break free by exposing the lies of a rejection mindset. Everyone experiences rejection in their life, but few are equipped to overthrow a rejection mindset. Meanwhile, masses of hearts are held back from experiencing the fullness of love in their relationships while being held under the limitation of spiritual slavery.

Rejection is a deeply rooted mindset that seeks to steal your ability to experience love, see the power of your identity and experience fruitful relationships. It keeps your heart from experiencing a healthy and fruitful life as a loved child of God. Many people never experience the fullness that is possible because a rejection mindset held them back.

Through his work as a transformational consultant, Mark has witnessed the effects of a rejection mindset first-hand. Through his own personal freedom journey and helping many to break from personal limitations, Mark will expose this sinister mindset and give you practical tools to live free.