What Influence Do Demons & Spiritual Warfare Have on OCD?

I receive numerous questions about the role of evil spirits, demons and spiritual warfare and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This week I received a question, asking to understand how the spiritual battles we face can impact someone who struggles with OCD.

In this broadcast, I will be address the subject of spiritual warfare within the context of OCD, by addressing a number of areas:

  • Is OCD a spirit that you can cast out of someone?
  • Does someone who has Religious OCD, Scrupulosity or any other kind of obsessive compulsive battle need deliverance?
  • What is the role of spiritual warfare when it comes to gaining freedom from obsessions and compulsions?

If you have ever asked these questions, then I invite you to take your time and let what I share wash over your heart and mind. What I am teaching in this broadcast has come from my own journey and years of ministry experiences helping people.

This broadcast is divided into 3 main sections:

Part 1: My early experience with deliverance ministry. I also begin to address the question that was sent in.

Part 2: Concerns I have with deliverance ministry and spiritual warfare approaches that can negatively impact someone who battles OCD.

Part 3: What are the spiritual struggles that someone with OCD has and what can be done to experience healing and freedom?

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