10 Signs You Are a People Pleaser

People pleasing is a monster that will base your sense of well being on how you think everyone feels about you. Its an impossible way of thinking and living, but millions are bound by this pattern.

People pleasing is a rejection-based way of thinking. It trains you to fill your lack of self-esteem and self-worth by maintaining a life of keeping everyone happy. You will end up becoming a peace-keeper rather than a peace maker.

If you are wondering if the people-pleasing monster lurks in your thinking, here are some questions you can ask to stir your discernment. If you answer, “yes” to a bunch of these, you can be certain that there is more freedom awaiting you as you confront this issue.

Ten Signs of People-Pleasing

1. You try too hard to be seen as always doing the “right thing.”

2. You have a constant pulse of how others are feeling about you and it deeply affects you.

3. When around other people, you tend to outwardly come into agreement with whatever is being said, even if inwardly you don’t.

4. You tend to play to the opinion of whomever you are talking to.

5. You have a hard time keeping personal boundaries.

6. Receiving criticism is hard to process. It ends up consuming your thoughts.

7. You have a hard time making tough decisions, especially ones that won’t please everyone.

8. You have a hard time saying no, especially without giving 20 reasons why.

9. When not affirmed by others, you become easily depressed.

10. You spend too much time trying to do things for other people who don’t take the help you bring and change.

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