#133: Questions on Relating to Our Fathers, Finding a Church and Pursuing Healing

In today’s episode, we want to get right into some fantastic questions that address issues of relationships, healing and health. We’re gonna talk today about: How to relate to your earthly father? How do I find a good church? Is checking out other churches ok? How do I find healing with others? Facebook Live Video: […]

#131: Questions on Boundaries, Addictions, Sins in the Family & Why We Sin in the First Place?

On this week’s episode, we discuss the issues of family sins, boundaries, addictions and why we end up sinning in the first place. We also address the subject of pornography and how to begin walking a road of healing and freedom from it. Some great questions were submitted and we have some powerful discussions addressing […]

#118: Questions on Favor Betrayal Love and Recognizing the Season You are In [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we tackle some great questions like: – What is the difference between favor and favoritism? – How do you recognize the season of life you are in? – How do you deal with betrayal? – Are we really supposed to love people all the time?   Questions on Favor Betrayal Love […]

#099: Questions on Dead People, Lying, the Flesh, A Scattered Mind, Marriage and People Who Don’t Believe Like You

Today we tackle some more tough questions on our 3rd week of Questions and Answers. We have thoroughly enjoyed addressing the issues of your heart and questions you have about the Bible, transformation and overcoming. Enjoy and get ready for next week….our 100th episode! Here are this week’s questions: Praying for Dead Relatives : Do […]

#098: Questions on Marijuana, Acid Reflux, Seeing What the Fathers Sees and Getting Mad at the Enemy [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we cover a variety of topics, from acid reflux healing and what does it mean to see what the Father sees? We cover the following questions in this week’s episode: How can I experience healing from acid reflux? As marijuana is becoming more legalized, how should Christians address this issue? Is it […]

#097: Questions on Old Age, Salvation and Dating Struggles [Podcast]

For the next few weeks, we are taking questions from our audience. On this week’s episode, we tackle a variety of questions, addressing old age in the Old Testament, trust and commitment issues, intimacy struggles and a question on coming to God in His love or in fear. To submit your own questions, to Ask […]

#084: Answering Tough Questions on Animals Going to Heaven & More Heavenly Questions [Podcast]

Today, we address tough questions regarding heavenly things. Do our animals go to heaven? What about getting council? What is a wicked person? We address questions on angels, wisdom and why the Bible uses female pronouns in certain description of heavenly things, like wisdom? We also talk about the real struggles in parenting children on […]

#071: Questions on Gossip, Rebellious Children & Pigs [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we take a variety of questions, touching on the subject of gossip, while addressing rebellious children. We also talk about evil spirits in Jesus day, especially the legion that went into the pigs. Check out the episode and let us know if you have more questions! Question on Gossip: Can you […]

#068: Single Moms, Women in Ministry & Interacting with the Opposite Sex [Podcast]

On this week’s episode, we talk about God’s order in the context of single moms, while we also questions on women in ministry and how to interact in a healthy way with people of the opposite sex in the workplace. Question 1: Charity Spicer from California Hi, my name is Charity I am eleven. I […]

#060: Should I Bother Going to Church? [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we want to tackle a question that will make us all think today, and that is, “Should I Even Bother Going to Church today?” We want to address the subject of the church, church attendance and should I be a part of a church? Is it necessary to being a Christian? And […]