The 7 Distortions of OCD

OCD wants you to think the problem is whatever you are obsessing about. Yet you need to understand that “the problem is not the problem.” The issue you are “spinning” about is not the issue. It is more about HOW you relate to your thoughts that is really what needs to be addressed. With obsessive-compulsive […]

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I Address Your OCD Questions Live! #08


Join me as I address the questions you have sent regarding obsessive compulsive struggles and the battles that surround the healing and freedom journey. Within today’s broadcast, I will dive deep into a variety of subjects that relate to OCD, including: I Emphasizes The 7 Distortions of OCD Guilt Confession OCD about Relationships and Real […]

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S07 Ep14: Addressing Your Questions on OCD

OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In today’s episode, we address questions arising on the subject of OCD, healing and overcoming from obsessive compulsive battles. “I didn’t think I would relate to this subject,” is what we often hear, until they hear us out and tune into what we are addressing when we bring up Obsessive Compulsive issues. This is way […]

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