S10 Ep18: Addressing More Questions on OCD

Many of the questions that came in for our series on The Christian and Mental Health were surrounding struggles connected to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. Melissa and I had an entire question and answer episode that we did on OCD, which we know will be a blessing to your life. But I also took one more episode to address the many questions that came in, which we related to the obsessive and compulsive battleground.

In this broadcast, I had  a wonderful time addressing these questions and subjects, while also fielding the live questions that came into the live chat.

  • How do I deal with intrusive thoughts that arrive when I am reading the Bible?
  • I feel like “I do not love God.”
  • How to overcoming OCD regarding evangelizing people or praying for others?
  • How does someone with OCD learn to take thoughts captive?
  • How to deal with social media posts that trigger OCD?
  • OCD regarding uncertainty around salvation.
  • Is God withholding forgiveness from me?
  • How do I break free from guilt that drives OCD?
  • Struggles with OCD, self-hatred, depression and unbelief.
  • And so much more!

Video Broadcast:

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