I Address Your OCD Questions Live! #08

Join me as I address the questions you have sent regarding obsessive compulsive struggles and the battles that surround the healing and freedom journey.

Within today’s broadcast, I will dive deep into a variety of subjects that relate to OCD, including:

  • I Emphasizes The 7 Distortions of OCD
  • Guilt Confession OCD about Relationships and Real Event OCD
  • Spinning Over The Holy Spirit
  • Making Difficult Ministry & Life Decisions with OCD
  • Obsessing Over Salvation & Unpardonable Sin (How Not to Give Up)
  • Postpartum, OCD & Psychosis
  • Romans 14: 23, Fear of Sin
  • OCD & Addiction Recovery
  • Real Event OCD & Charismatic Friends
  • Seeing Jesus & OCD

Video Broadcast:

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