My Healing and Freedom Journey with OCD

As I seek to create and develop content, I typically spend times and seasons covering certain themes that are near and dear to my heart and those I help. No subject of mental and emotional health hits me more personally than the subject of Obsessive Compulsive battles, otherwise known as OCD. It was one of the greatest terrors in my life that robbed me of my peace and kept me in patterns of bondage. Yet at the same time, it has been one of the greatest places where I have discovered remarkable insights of freedom and victory.

As I have experienced more freedom regarding OCD over the years, God has brought many people into my path who have had similar struggles. I have been working with many in one on one settings. But I feel in this coming season, I want to spend a lot of dedicated time producing materials that will help bring freedom to people’s hearts in the area of OCD.

We often think of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a problem for “neat freaks” or those that wash their hands too much. Most consider it for germaphobes or people that check the door locks or obsess about whether or not they left the coffee maker on.

The battle is actually way more than that.

I’m actually finding that many in the body of Christ have deep OCD tendencies that have to do with troublesome, unwanted and intrusive thoughts. They create a great deal of internal conflict, fear and guilt.

Most don’t know what to do with these troubling thoughts, so they often suffer in silence. These obsessive thoughts often lead to compulsions, which involve thinking patterns, actions and behaviors that we hope will alleviate the distress, but they keep us in cycles that never bring true peace. As I have recognized the patterns of OCD and how they have impacted my life, God has brought me through a tremendous amount of healing and freedom.

But it took some learning and walking through some very important aspects of equipping. This will be the first of many broadcasts I will be giving on helping those who need insight and equipping in this area.

Video Broadcast:

I apologize for the places where the video gets glitchy, but the audio is clear throughout. 

I will be covering many areas, including:

  • My personal journey of discovering I had OCD issues.
  • What my journey of healing looked like.

I will mention the following OCD struggles:

  • Intrusive and unwanted thoughts that create a lot of discomfort and anxiety
  • Religious OCD or Scrupulosity
  • Guilt/confession types of OCD
  • Relationship reassurance OCD

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