S03 Ep01: Self-Compassion

We begin a series on transformational habits–important practices, mindsets and habits to become aware of when processing your healing and freedom with God. One of those important experiences is to practice self-compassion. Without it, you will end up being hard on yourself and not seeing what God is doing in the life of your heart.

With self compassion, we are able to center ourselves and calmly focus our attention on God’s agenda for our lives. But it can be so easily to fall into fear, condemnation and despair; all which keep us from seeing what we need to center our attention on.

The Power of Self-Compassion

In this episode, we talk about three aspects of practicing self-compassion, where you can love yourself with the love God has for you and find clarity to experience powerful transformation.

A very important thing we have learned over and over again is: if you are hard on yourself, it makes everything you are going through so much more difficult. The power of God’s love brings about compassion. But are you able to give that to yourself in the midst of your battles? 

One of the most powerful things God showed me was that when times I got tough, I didn’t love myself. I beat myself up. Exercising self-compassion allowed me to come into agreement with God’s love for me, while centering my attention on the areas He is healing and building up.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Mark’s story of learning to practice self-compassion.
  • What it means to live in self-compassion and what happens if we don’t.
  • The power of acceptance that love brings.
  • Three statements that will help you experience self-compassion.
  • Living in the power of patience and kindness.

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