Peace and Mental Health

Our journey of mental health will always lead to the subject of peace. How do we go about finding and connecting to peace?

We all long for greater peace. In fact, the desire for healing and growth in mental health battles is connected to a deeper desire to experience more long term, grounded peace. Our hearts crave a peace that remain in the midst of changing tides that our world brings about. 

Peace is one of the greatest gifts needed in society today. It is also a free gift that God has given to us as believers. It is in peace that we receive our greatest strength and it is from peace that we fulfill our purpose with love and power.

Battles of the heart and mind that people are facing reveal the war against experiencing true peace. The goal of mental health is to be able to experience peace, a peace of mind and a peace within. In our discussion, we want to talk about hinderances to experience peace and what it often takes to cultivate peace on a daily basis. 

We have learned in our own lives that peace is a gift that Christ has given to us. But we also have to learn to take it, receive it, guard it and watch over it. 

Is peace a struggle in your life? Then maybe our discussion today can be an encouragement to your life and journey. 

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