10 Ways to Grieve without Going into Pity

Grieve, Grief, Grieving

Are you manifesting symptoms that reveal you need to grieve? In this video, I want to share with you the importance of processing grief, which is more than just dealing with the death of a loved one. Grief involves processing through any meaningful loss in life. Grieving is such an important experience to keep the […]

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Two Dysfunctional Responses to Pain

The question is not, “Will you face pain” because everyone to some degree will face pain in their life–wounds from broken relationships, disappointments and heartache will pierce us and come our way. The question is more, “What will you do with the pain?” Everyone has to answer this question and make a decision for how we […]

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The Only Way You Can Comfort Others

Yesterday I attended a funeral, to grieve for a dear friend of mine in ministry who lost his son. Anyone who ever loses someone, especially a child or close family member is so incredibly difficult and heart wrenching. The pain and depth of sorrow can be so deep that words cannot even describe it. This […]

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