The Gospel: Grieving Pain in Your Life

Have you heard the good news of the Gospel brought in such a way that it helped you learn how to grieve? When you think of the Gospel does grieving ever come to mind?

When the Gospel of Good News from a Good Father who loves you arrives into your life, does it eliminate your need for grieving?

Grieving is something that all of us have to learn to process in our journey with God. People in general can have a hard time with the subject of grieving. And I find that many believers in Christ avoid grieving and don’t have a lot of equipping on the importance of grieving and processing through the pain of loss. Much of what our hearts need to work through actually involves grieving.

What I am going to share today will reveal that many people never allow themselves to get to the grieving stage of their healing and freedom journey. The Gospel invites you to grieve, but you are connecting to a good Father who wants to embrace you in your grieving?

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