#058: Can Transformation Affect Your Personality? [Podcast]

Today episode will address the human personality and ask the question, “Can you personality be transformed at all?” Take a listen in this episode as we look at this issue, asking questions like: What is our personality?  How is it formed? Is our personality set in stone or can it be changed? What actually forms our personality?  […]

#051: Why Does Transformation Seem to Take So Long? Part 6 [Podcast]

Today we uncover the last few thoughts on the subject, “why does transformation seem to take so long?” We to encourage you today by helping you to see some key blocks that hinder the next level in our journey. Transformation is a process, but we often get into positions where it becomes longer than it […]

#050: Why Does Transformation Seem to Take So Long?
 Part 5 [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we continue to answer the question, “Why does transformation seem to take so long?” We cover two more reasons today: We are afraid to go all in and face what we need to face. We have limiting beliefs that cap our identity and our potential. If you do not see the player, […]

#048: Why Does Transformation Seem to Take So Long?
 Part 3 [Podcast]

In this episode, we uncover an important thing to remember when it comes to transformation: God’s ways are so different than the ways this world can live and operate. With this in mind, Melissa and I delve into talking about the challenges that come when being renewed to the Kingdom of God, while realizing the […]

#047: Why Does Transformation Seem to Take So Long?
 Part 2 [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we continue to tackle the question, “Why Does Transformation Seem to Take So Long?” In this part 2, Melissa and I have an amazing conversation about the following reasons why transformation can take longer than it should: 5. We don’t separate who we are in God, from what is not of God inside […]

#046: Why Does Transformation seem to Take So Long? Part 1 [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we talk about why it seems transformation takes longer than we anticipate or expect. My wife Melissa and I delve deeper into the contributing factors that we don’t realize when it comes to seeing change, healing, freedom and over transformation take place. Included in this episode are the following factors: 1. We […]

What I Was Willing to Do For Freedom, But Many Are Not

This year will mark 20 years I have been in full time work of helping and ministering to people. Since 1995, I have helped many people grow, while traveling into various level of transformation myself. In 2004, I entered into one of the biggest chapters of transformation when I began to overcome daunting anxiety, depression, […]

#030: How to Restore Nurture in Your Life – Part 1 [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we want to talk about how to receive nurture and restore nurture in your life. We want to talk about the practical walk out of this. Melissa interviews Mark on how he has been able to restore nurture in his heart and life. Practical application is included as well as powerful insight. […]

#020: Episode 020: Enemy Access Point No. 3 – Trauma – Overcoming Traumatic Experiences | Q&A on Trauma [Podcast]

In today’s episode, I will address the 3rd point the enemy can use to have access in our thinking, and that is through a traumatic experience. Find out today how to overcome the drama of trauma. I will also be taking some questions regarding this subject. News and Updates: 2014 Survey: Take 2 Minutes to Answer […]