What is Repentance? Part 1

It’s been a delight to discover the power of repentance, yet so many do not understand how repentance can play a powerful role in their life. Many think of it as groveling on the floor in constant sadness or being condemned over a sin issue in their life. Others become obsessed over their sin issues and try to repent, but in cycles of unproductive action.

So what is repentance, really?

Repentance is a blessing. It is our God-given tool as believers to break the chains that bind us. Repentance gives us the ability as a believer to come out of agreement with chains that are holding us down.

It gives us hope that anything can change in our life under the work of God in our lives.

Repentance has a beautiful and multifaceted meaning, which I will explain in this video.

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