#077: How to Deal with Pain Effectively Part 2 [Podcast]

On today’s episode we are continuing our conversation from last week on How to Deal with Pain Effectively. We want to talk about this further and discuss more on how we can move into effective processing of pain and how to maneuver through really difficult times of experiencing loss of hope, failed expectations and things out […]

Two Dysfunctional Responses to Pain

The question is not, “Will you face pain” because everyone to some degree will face pain in their life–wounds from broken relationships, disappointments and heartache will pierce us and come our way. The question is more, “What will you do with the pain?” Everyone has to answer this question and make a decision for how we […]

#076: How to Deal with Pain Effectively Part 1 [Podcast]

Today we take the time to talk about a subject many people struggle with, and that is dealing with pain effectively. How we process through painful things in our heart is one of the most important areas for our overall growth. Yet many people deeply struggle with how to deal with the pain that comes […]