The Spiritual War Over Mental Health

When it comes to our mental health, believers must take in account the spiritual war that wages over our minds. Yet the subject of spiritual warfare can trigger a lot of confusion and unfruitful arguments. No matter what your perspective, we do need to take into accoung that there is a spiritual war over the minds of people. 

We pray that in our broadcast today, I will encourage you to remain tethered to the fundamentals that are incredibly important when it comes to overcoming in our personal spiritual warfare.

Many believers do not take in account the invisible war that wages over their life. Others can become so obsessed with the war, evil spirits, striving in the warfare that they can get lost in their tunnel vision of fighting. 

Our goal in this discussion is to encourage groundedness and fruitfulness as we approach the subject of spiritual warfare and our mental health.

Here are some things we touch on:

  • Extremes we can fall into when it comes to mental health and spiritual warfare.
  • Learning that not every thought is your own.
  • What is the simplest defition of spiritual warfare?
  • What does the battle look like when it comes to our mental health?

We pray you enjoy our conversation and find encouragement for your own journey.

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