10 Ways Self Pity Will Destroy Your Mental Health

The insights I am sharing have saved my mental health, which has to do with discerning self-pity in my life. This monster wil seek to interfere in your ability to step out of imprisoning mindsets and behaviors. It will interfere in your ability to walk in greater mental health. Self-pity is a deceptive counterfeit to […]

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2 Unhealthy Responses to Shame Attacks

When we are under the influence of a shame attack, our emotional response typically ends up going into two unhealthy directions that do not allow us to remain in sobriety. They can keep us stuck in patterns of denial, stubborn and defensiveness or drowning despair and hopelessness. In today’s broadcast, I want to spend some […]

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9 Steps to Overcome Self-Pity

Overcoming Self-Pity

We all have certain areas that are prone to self-pity. Those are usually the areas we can grow in the most, but self-pity will keep us from it. This article is intended for those who really want to take their life back and manifest change. Self-pity triggers whenever a challenge in our life seems to […]

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When Self-Pity Kicks Back


To move from living defeated into the overcoming life, we have to cross the threshold of breaking out of self-pity. Just when someone is about to get free, self-pity pulls the “you don’t love me card.” I often warn people, Just so you know, you may hear thoughts that I do not love you, I […]

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